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Prezi slides for my paper for Cambridge Modern British History seminar, 19 November 2012

I'm giving a paper at the Modern British Seminar at Pembroke College, Cambridge, on 19 November. It's a 'big ideas' paper on space and place in northern England, 1789-1848, and the case study is the Chartist challenge to Leeds Vicar's Croft free market in 1844.

Here's the link to my prezi slides:

Cambridge 19 Nov 2012 on Prezi

more messing around on google earth with old Manchester maps and protest sites

Boddington's brewery with first ed OS map overlay

St Peter's Square, with 19th C processions and meetings. Didn't realise that Google Earth have 3d models of the trams.

Mancunian Way before and after - I love the way that Green's map of Manchester (1794) shows the Chorlton Hall estate on the eve of demolition, still surrounded by fields but with the roads laid out for development.