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Mapping worksheet: how to warp a historic map, and how to add data to it

Do you want to know the very basics on how to geo-reference and warp a historic map? Do you want to add data (such as from a historic trade directory, your own database of historic events and places, etc) to it?

Download my worksheet that I use as part of the postgraduate history research training here:

Nineteenth Century Collections Online - a brief review

I've been having a go at the trial of Gale Cengage's Nineteenth Century Collections Online. It's subscription only otherwise.

Bob Nicholson, the Digital Victorianist, has already previewed the site in his excellent blog - - so I won't repeat his points here.

Rather I'll focus on what is most relevant to my research: the 'British Politics and Society' section of the collection, and in particular the Home Office disturbance papers.

What's useful? In a nutshell, NCCO contains loads of material, much of which appears to have been newly scanned from items in the National Archives and the British Library. So if you can't make it to London, then you can access most of the major 'Home Office disturbance papers' (including the widely-used HO 40 and HO 42, and the wonderful HO 33 Post Office correspondence). Also included are the records of the Association fo…