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Chartist 'march on the churches' locations July-September 1839

I'll discuss the march on the churches tactic and also the occupation of squares by Chartists in a forthcoming post, but in the meantime here's some basic mapping. 

Locations taken from Eileen Yeo's brilliant article, 'Christianity in the Chartist Struggle, 1838-42', Past and Present, 91 (1981)

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History job applications: dos and don'ts

This is my personal advice on how to help your chances of getting an interview for a history job post in the UK.

There's also some excellent advice on Nadine Muller's blog by Fiona de Londras.

Obvious point first, but academic jobs are usually advertised on, and in the Guardian higher education supplement (Tuesdays) and Times Higher Education Supplement (Thursdays).

Do: research the department and your future colleagues thoroughly. Make sure you get the terminology right (e.g. is it a history or humanities department, school or group? Who is the head of history, and are they the same or another person from the head of department and/or school?). Think how your research and teaching can complement but also differ from existing staff. Read the application specifications carefully. If the specs say they need a historian 'from 1400 to 1700' in any country apart from Britain, don't apply if you are a 19thC British historian. Often the stipulations relate …