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election politics and the meaning of 'the public' and 'public space'

Just a short note - an interesting article by Marina Hyde in the Guardian on how the current election campaign is being run as a 'pseudo-event', using fake public spaces and inviting the fake 'public':

So far, this has been an election staged in out-of-town business parks, cleared factory floors, deserted building sites, and town halls filled with pre-screened party supporters. The list of venues to which the party leaders are bussed or flown satirises itself: a heavily-guarded empty barn, a facility that makes virtual reality suites, a rural hedgehog farm...
These are not anything that could be described as civic spaces. In fact, in civic terms they are non-spaces, the sort of places you might expect to end up if you took a wrong turn at a roundabout in a vast international airport, with its strange network of goods vehicle roads and utilitarian hangars.

See this series of images about how odd these spaces are and how the photo ops are stage managed to make …