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Parkouring into geography: 'spatial cultures'

Last time I blogged about going to the RGS-IBG conference at the end of August; I've just attended 'Spatial Cultures', a workshop-symposium at UCL.

In some ways the day was a similar experience to that of the RGS-IBG conference - a buzz of interdisciplinarity, shared ideas and new concepts, and an excitement about contemporary research relating to space. 

This is what I learned as an outsider-historian:
Interdisciplinarity: again, like the RGS-IBG conference, interdisciplinarity, of the genuine and productive kind, again was the order of the day, and although everyone started off their presentations with a disclaimer of 'I'm a sociologist/designer/architect/computer scientist/archaeologist etc', everyone seemed to be speaking the same language, from their own disciplinary perspective. the centrality of GIS and technology in geography research: almost everyone used GIS, there were computer scientists interested in space and geography (including a very interesti…