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644 Manchester subscribers to the Chartist Land Plan, 1847

A year or so ago I spent a long time transcribing the Manchester subscribers to the Chartist Co-Operative Land Company. The records are in a big volume now at the National Archives (ref to follow). I've given the database of 644 subscribers from Manchester to Mark Crail to put on his wonderful Chartist Ancestors website, to accompany previous transcriptions of other towns by Jamie Bronstein. They contain the names, occupations and full addresses of the subscribers from 1847.

Go to Mark's website to see the names here:

Read his blog here:

I'm going to map them when I have time and put them on when I have time.

Here's the 1841 census entry for one Land Plan subscriber that Mark picked out: Robert Bellis, tripe dresser and dealer of 30 Pollard Street, Ancoats, Manches…

My new book is here! And here is the accompanying website.

Protest and the Politics of Space and Place, 1789-1848 is out with Manchester University Press on 1 December. I've just received my copy and it looks great!

There was so much that went on the cutting room floor in the final edit, so I've put the choice leftovers on my website to accompany the book:

I have also put my data on there and lots of interactive maps and geo-referenced historic maps and sources to use. It's 'the book plus' and I hope is an interesting way of exploring the material.

Please cite the website and my name if you are using them elsewhere.

More to come as I keep updating the database.

Full video of my talk at the British Library Labs symposium

Here's my full talk at BL Labs.

 I'll blog on the wonderful day soon.

Slides of my talk at the BL Labs symposium


Video of Chartist tour of London

I'll report on the fantastic BL Labs symposium of 2 November soon.

In the meantime here's the video explaining my Political Meetings Mapper project and clips of the Chartist tour of London that we did in September. The video was filmed and edited by Adam Jones-Lloyd. There are subtitles if you need them.