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British Universities by Ernest Barker (1946)

I bought this pamphlet in an idiosyncratic secondhand bookshop in Caterham yesterday. It's called British Universities, by Sir Ernest Barker, published by the British Council in 1946.

It's a fascinating insight into thoughts about what universities were for, and should be, just after the War, and also how they were promoted to the rest of the Commonwealth. The list of other titles available in the series is also intriguing, and I would love to find more of these pamphlets, especially to compare their language and ideas with the current guide to British life given to people taking the citizenship test:

Baker was Professor of political science at Cambridge, and the pamphlet describes him as 'the son of a working-class home in Northern England,' who 'combines a knowledge of University life with an understanding of the common people, who in our modern democracy, as in the Middle Ages, send many of their best sons to the Universities'. The pamphlet doesn't appea…