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Trying to find historical data using family history databases

This is just a quick post on some current digging-down deep research I'm doing at the moment.

I'm trying to find out more radicals and men arrested in 1798 and 1817. The Home Office papers contain lists of their names and addresses, so I want to cross-check whether they lived where they said they lived.

As this period is before the detailed 1841 and 1851 censuses, I'm reliant on other family history databases to cross check the names and addresses. I'm mainly using which has the censuses but also many parish records, muster lists, prison lists, and other sources that the most well-known family history site, does not.

The family history boom and the digitisation of useful resources has been a great help to historians. There are some disadvantages however:
cost - part of the purpose of these sites is to make money. Of course it costs to keep these sites running, but most of the sources have always been available in local libraries…

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