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Robin Pedley, 'The Comprehensive School', Pelican book, 1963

Bought this from a stall selling old penguin and pelican paperbacks in Soho. Robin Pedley, The Comprehensive School, 1963.

The Times, 13 July 1961, 'A New Society':
In spite of the virtual abolition of poverty, in spite of the rise there has been in the rewards of labour, in spite of the fact that ... the great bulk of the nation now regards itself as middle-class, Britain is still a jealous and divided nation.

The Sphere, 14 March 1953, 'How Manchester Looks Today'

'How Manchester Looks Today: a survey of the great Northern city, a birthplace of atomic research, a home of the arts, a city which has played and still plays a might part in the world of affairs'.
The Sphere, 14 March 1953

Look at the 'Manchester Airways Terminal in the city centre'. Manchester 'now has airports at Ringway and Barton. Ringway is at present being extended'.