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Binge drinking in Bolton

One of the lessons from history is 'twas ever thus.

Here are a few extracts from the constables' minute book from Bolton (now in Bolton Archives, FP2/2).

The parish constables were employed essentially to make sure that the pubs kicked out their customers after last orders, but this usually led to rowdy behaviour in the streets. Butchers made a good living selling meat on the streets at kicking out time - perhaps the equivalent of a late night kebab?

--> July 29 1815 – past 2 o’clock public houses in general clear from company a few country people in Mr Wilson’s, who were very peaceable and immediately went, on the constables going in a few of P Elton’s who did the same – streets rather rough, the principal disturbers of the peace were a part who call’d themselves fire men were rather drunk and said they had been duty that night, and considered themselves priviledg’d to do as they pleased. August 19 1815 – past 12 o’clock = public houses – clear of company except Dog…