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interview with Chartist Ancestors blog

I've done an interview with the lovely Mark Crail for his fab Chartist Ancestors website -

Journal of Victorian Culture Online debate

I've contributed my thoughts to the many interesting responses to an article by Peter Andersson in the Journal of Victorian Culture:

I like the opportunity that the journal provides for immediate responses to published articles: it allows the debate to be much more 'live' and quick, rather than the old way of writing a longer and more convoluted response that would be published in subsequent printed issues.

Andersson is ostensibly critiquing the model of 'the civilising process' in 19th century history, but more generally is challenging the dominance of literary studies in Victorian studies. I also wanted to add to my post but didn't have the room that this is not a phenomenon confined to Victorianists alone - Regency scholars also suffer from the overbearing presence of Austen and the politeness of Bath, rather than the 'age of revolutions' which is what the …