A photographical tour of Wakefield

A wander round Wakefield, West Yorkshire, in photos.

 Wakefield Kirkgate. A shell of a railway station. Built 1854 for the Manchester and Leeds Railway; now dying.

Not even a ticket machine, never mind a clock on the platform or a current departure board. Felt like a ghost town.

The former grandeur of these buildings not hard to see, but now shrouded in rusty girders, boarded up windows, crumbling stonework and a general sense of decay.

The urban development of the 1960s and 70s around the station also gave an air of stasis, and visions of improvement now long lost.

Yet just round the corner is the medieval bridge and Chantry Chapel. A physical vignette of a different world and a different world view. Yet a promise of peace is eroded by the dual carriageway roaring alongside.

Monument to Joseph Horner jnr, Wakefield Chartist, in the Orangery.

The Art House


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