Pubs of Manchester

I've been trying to plot the pubs in Manchester and Salford who signed a declaration in September 1792 against seditious meetings and publications being held in their premises. I've been able to identify just 39 pubs for definite (out of a total of 158 listed in the World newspaper, 22 September 1792), and I've a rough idea of where another 20 or so were. Ten pubs had female landladies. Green's 1794 map and Pigot's directory are a help for locating pubs, and I also conducted some guess-work from later maps [pubs come and go, but their courts generally keep their original names] Trouble is there are so many Red Lions and White Harts that it is difficult to pin many pubs down for definite.

Yet lo and behold, I find this site: which is a completely comprehensive list of all the old pubs in Manchester, together with links to google street view of where they were located.

Things have gone a long way from those (admirable at the time) 'Pubs of Manchester', 'Pubs of Ancoats' yellow booklets you used to be able to buy at the now-defunkt Stationery Office shop off Albert Square.


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