research papers on History Working Papers Project

I'm trialling my research papers on the History Working Papers Project website, set up by Jason Kelly and Tim Hitchcock as a means of enabling open peer review.

I will be giving an abridged and combined version of the papers firstly at the University of York C18 seminar this Tuesday 29 November, and then at the Institute of Historical Research on 14 December, 5.15pm. They are in two parts, partly because I haven't worked out which bits I'm going to use, and partly to provide more extensive versions for people who wish to know more than I can explain in a 45 minute seminar. Part II is a theoretical overview of the 'spatial turn'.

Part I: 'Space, Place, and Popular Politics in Northern England, 1789-1848'
Part II: 'Theoretical Interlude: Why I'm tired of turning'.

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