Google fusion tables now exports styles to kml

Good news for anyone using google fusion tables to produce maps. It has finally (after 2 years of requests) allowed users to export styles in their tables into kml files.

For some unknown reason, previously it didn't allow map styles (e.g. colour of pins or symbols) that you can easily do in google maps to be exported in a kml file. So, as I do, when you made a table of points with different coloured pins for different places (e.g. I use blue pins for loyalist events and places, pink pins for trade union events and sites, etc), you couldn't export those styles to, say, google earth. Now you can, which makes life so much easier as I can now use my colour-coded data on google earth.

So, for example, here is a shot from my google fusion map of Manchester political meetings:
And here's how it looked, exported without styles to google earth, on Green's 1794 map. Not that useful (there are still problems: it still compresses multiple points on the same lat/long into one, so you have to click on the point to see the multiple entries).

Nevertheless, here's the new view, with exported styles.


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