David Mead's inaugural lecture on protest studies

Following on from my last post, I've just read David Mead's transcript of his inaugural lecture at UEA,
Read it all here: https://protestmatters.wordpress.com/2015/03/06/inaugural-lecture-march-2015-turning-the-world-upside-down/

It's a whirlwind tour around all aspects of law relating to protest, and also historical precedents. It thinks along many of the same lines as I do, not least about the deliberate ambiguities of private open spaces and their policing. Indeed, Anna Minton's book gets many mentions (as it does in the intro to my new book) that (to follow on a theme from a recent post of mine) it is becoming canonical, though there have been many equally perceptive studies of the privatisation of public space by American scholars.

David was generous to give me a small mention, and then tweet at me that he'd done so. He tweets at @SeethingMead
He came to one of the protest history workshops that I helped organise a few years ago, and was invaluable for helping us think about protest and its suppression within the frameworks of law and the courtroom.


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