Went to see Jimmy Cauty's New Bedford Rising/Aftermath Dislocation Principle installation in a railway arch in Southwark. A dystopia of the ruins of Bedford, with a ziggurat tower being built next to its remains, as 'New Bedford', which he bills as a 'utopian rebuild'.

Bedfordshire Police: fighting crime, building pyramids

what's left of the rural (un)idyll

New Bedford tower under construction

Parts of it reminded me of Civilia: the End of Suburban Man (1971) by 'Ivor de Wofle' (Hubert de Cronin Hastings, of the Architectural Review), in which he describes the suburbia around Nuneaton, and then proposes a whole new city on drastically new lines, including vertical living in a university:

Nuneaton: dismal areas of unkempt grass between rashes of subtopian building straggling alongside overwide roads.

plan for a new university of Civilia


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