More processions

Here's an interesting snippet from the Manchester procession to celebrate the passing of the 1832 Reform Act. The glassmakers of Messrs Molineaux Webb Ellis and Co processed as follows:

  • A man bearing a silk flag motto ‘W Rex’; in the reverse, ‘success to the glass trade’. 
  • Glass blowers with glass hats decorated with ribbons and appropriate mottoes inscribed with ‘Old England forever’, ‘Abolition of all monopolies’, ‘Success to the town and trade of Manchester’ accoutred with glass swords.
  • Two large goblets carried by men adorned with rich superb spun glass wigs.
  • Fishglobe and bird cage with a canary bird and fish swimming round.
  • Two large globes silvered both ornamented with the Crown and Sceptre.

Other trades included the ‘Gas Men’, who processed with a cannel drawn by horses, a large union flag and the Manchester Arms [ex fume dere lucem]; and a carriage filled up with portable gas filling balloons and ornamented with a gas chandelier. The bakers processed with a ‘large loaf, nine foot long’.[1]

[1] Manchester Archives, M71/2/19/10, 15, details of trades’ participations in the Reform procession, 4 August 1832.

Another useful local history site: Leeds this time


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