Rubbish video

Here's my first attempt at recreating the route of a procession in Manchester. It's really bad, and I sound like Frank Sidebottom, but I'm just experimenting with the technology and with what works.

Click on the thumbnail to stream the video in media player or equivalent.

George Leigh Street Ancoats George Leigh Street Ancoats, 16 August 1820


  1. Really interesting. I had a bit of a problem at first as the video was not compatible with my Mac. A bit of free downloaded software dealt with that. Are you going to carry on?

  2. apologies - I realised that it was incompatible with macs when I tried it on a friend's mac. At the moment I can only save the videos in windows mpv format. Will try to convert it into something compatible.
    It was only a trial for working out the technology - the historical content and the route will be much better once I've got the hang of things.

  3. This is the link I used if anyone else has a Mac.


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