useful local history websites: Manchester

These are some of the most useful websites about Manchester for more 'notes and queries' type history information:

I'm also quite impressed by the Band on the Wall's local history section on their website.

Spinning the Web has some good digitised sources, for example extracts from Edwin Butterworth's extensive annals of Oldham. The images of the beautifully written originals contrast greatly with (and are a great improvement upon) the grainy microfilm that I am used to scrolling through in Oldham Local Studies.

Though again, is looking at these images from the comfort of my own computer a better experience than getting the 409 bus to Oldham, wading through the microfilm while genealogists search for their great grandfathers in the parish registers next to me, then having my packed lunch sitting on a bench in the small garden outside the library and art gallery?

Do you know of any more useful local history websites that I should know about?


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