Protest & reform modules at British universities

I'm drawing up a list of all the modules about 18th and 19thC reform, popular protest, radicalism and labour history taught at British universities. Here's what I've found so far; if you know of any others, do comment and let me know.

University of Hertfordshire, 6HUM1102, [my module, of course], Popular Protest, Riot and Reform in Britain, 1760-1848,, 
and its companion module, 6HUM0399, The Politics of Parliamentary Reform, 1760-1832,

University of Southampton, ‘HIST2065 Aristocracy to democracy? Political change in 19th century Britain’,

University of Newcastle, ‘HIS3279 : Popular Politics and Reform in Britain, 1811-1850’,

University of Portsmouth, ‘In Darkest England: Culture, Conflict and the City, c.1790-c.1860’,

University of Hull,, ‘20190: Popular Protest in Britain and Ireland, 1790-1835’

University of Exeter, ‘Nineteenth Century Britain: Progress, Poverty and Protest’,

University of Coventry, 274ISS, ‘200 Years of People Politics in Britain, 1800 – 2000’

University Campus Suffolk, ‘The Unquiet Countryside 1790-1890’,

University of Kent, ‘Protest and Reform: Peterloo to the Chartists(c.1815-1850)’ - CM184

University of Manchester, HIST 31652, ‘Revolution, Reform, and Utopia: An Intellectual and Cultural History of British Radicalism’,

  University of Warwick, 'British Parliamentary and Electoral Politics, 1688-1832 (HI254' 

University of Stirling, HISU9F6, 'Popular Politics in Eighteenth Century Britain',

University of Aberystwth, HQ36630, 'British Society and the French Revolution, 1789-1803',

University of Northampton, HIS2001, ‘Power And Protest: British Society In The Long Eighteenth-Century’,


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